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The Gassho Center for Healing Arts was born amidst the ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia in 2015. Following a trip I took there with my daughter, I started my journey with Reiki in Thailand with Kit Johnson. From there I continued with Sarah Salcedo Rubin for Reiki level 2 in Manila, Philippines, and then Jamila Nedjadi, also in Manila for my Master-Teacher level. I undertook my 200h Vinyasa Yoga Teacher training in 2016 with Pascale Wettstein of Mudra Yoga in Cebu. 

For about one year I practiced yoga and reiki at Reiki Cebu, which eventually found its way to the Center. Ever since I have integrated other modalities such as tarot, Pranic Healing, shamanic journeying and Physical Manual Therapy (a form of body work) as part of my tool box. I also work with cyrstals and essential oils.


The purpose of the Center is to provide a space where people can come when they feel ready to take hold of their health, on physical, emotional and/or mental levels. I look forward to working on you for part of your journey at the Gassho Center.

* Namaste *

- Windy Gancayco

Reiki Master-Teacher

Windy is the founder and owner of the Gassho Center for Healing Arts in Cebu City. She has been seeking the present moment and developing her superpowers for over twenty-five years through meditation, reflection, qi gong, energy work, yoga and other forms of magic. 

Born in Baguio City, Philippines, Windy has lived in Manila, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Madrid, Geneva and Marseille before moving to Cebu with her husband and daughter in 2013. 

She has worked in the United Nations, the World Health Organisation and the Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria and has a degree in English Language Studies and in French Culinary Arts.

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