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The Gassho Center for Healing Arts Celebrates its First Year Anniversary

In April of 2018, the Gassho Center introduced the healing energy of sacred cacao ceremony to its community. To celebrate its first year anniversary, we are inviting you to join our photo contest and get the chance to win your very own cacao tree, named after you!

Gassho's 1stAnniversaryPhoto Contest.png


  1. Post a photo representing meaningful experience you had at the Gassho Center over the course of the past year. This can be related to cacao ceremony, but not necessarily! It can be about reiki, tarot, yoga, shamanic journeying, or whatever your experience was that you would like to share. Make sure to use the hashtags #gasshocenter #gasshoanniversary and #gasshoexperience.

  2. Tag 3 of your friends whom you think would want to have a similar experience.

  3. If you haven’t already, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see if you won!


Winning photo will be chosen based on most number of likes, relevance and creativity.

Contest submissions is until August 31 only. Winner announcement will be on September 6.


Your very own cacao tree with your name at the foothills of mount Apo for one year, and the harvest including the following, delivered to your home:

  • Cocoa nibs (Pouch of 150g) x 1

  • 100% Dark chocolate coins (Pouch of 150g) x 1

  • 77% Dark chocolate coins (Pouch of 150g)

  • 64% Dark chocolate coins (Pouch of 150g)

  • 77% Dark chocolate (50g bar) x 4

  • 64% Dark chocolate (50g bar) x 4

  • 55% dark chocolate (50g bar) x 4

  • 42% milk chocolate (50g bar) x 4

  • 64% Dark chocolate with cocoa nibs(50g bar) x 3

  • 42% Milk chocolate with cocoa nibs (50g bar) x 3


See more details about Auro Chocolate here.

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