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Stress is an epidemic. Prolonged stress causes physical illness and lowered employee performance. Meditation is one tool to release stress, and positively affects all other areas of life. Teaching employees to practice mindful meditation, be aware of their own energy levels and learn to manage them as they would learn to manage their finances, is an invaluable asset. 

Benefits of mindful meditation practice in the workplace are:

• Reduced stress

• Better teamwork

• Better decision-making

• Reduced absenteeism

Some of the topics to explore:

• Mindful Meditation 

• Cognitive Dissonances

• Boundaries

• Managing your Energy

• Grounding in your body

• Connecting to others & yourself with authenticity

Teaching your employees how to manage their energy and develop a mindful approach to work and life might be the best investment you have ever made! Trainings and group facilitations are tailor-made. Contact us today for more details.

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