Three-month one-on-one coaching program

You have reached many of your professional goals, live in a comfortable home and have a lifestyle you were dreaming of a few years back, and yet there are times when being inside your own head, inside your body, become unbearable? 
Do you sometimes feel stuck in a loop of suffering and self-loathing that you cannot express with anyone, finding temporary relief through work, sex or alcohol/drugs? 
Maybe you feel like you cannot share this with friends and family, as you can barely accept this situation for yourself. 
Sometimes we have to reach rock bottom to really be able to start asking for help. Taking responsibility and creating change demands
 courage and commitment - it is not for the faint-hearted. 
Everyone deserves to live a life where they wake up with a smile, eager to step into the day and uncover its gifts. This is my case today, but it was not always so. This reality is attainable to anyone who believes they can achieve it and is willing to put in the effort.
My twelve-week, Journey to Love program is designed for men and women who are ready to do what it takes to reach a place of inner peace and lasting joy, without endless talk sessions (story-focused) and without relying on pharmaceuticals, which cover up the problem rather than address it. There will be a combination of weekly live calls, with access to materials via email, audio and pdf. This is an intensive, one-on-one course. 
Bear in mind, as a result of the course, your external problems will not magically disappear - they are part of life. However, you will be able to identify the patterns and old programming that kept you in the mental loop, and will be armed with new tools in order to address life’s challenges with gratitude and excitement rather than resistance and pain.
Sounds impossible? I have guided and witnessed amazing transformations amongst my clients over the past four years of my practice. They no longer have to rely on an outside source for relief and guidance, as the answers and medicine lie in each of us, under the layers of trauma and self-judgement. As a result, our relationships also improve, with others, but most of all with ourselves. 
I use a combination of shamanic practices, movement, energy therapy, breathwork and mindfulness to help you uncover (Discernment), let go (Release) and (Integrate).
Send me a message so we can see if we are a good fit.