The Healing Journey

Are you the type of person who won’t hire a cleaning lady because your house is too much of a mess?

Or maybe you finally took that step and scramble to clean up before that person shows up.

I used to be that way with my finances, feeling so much shame that I resisted seeking professional help from an expert to finally shed some clarity and direction.

When you will be ready to do the work, and ask for support in that process, you will know. It will feel right and easeful. Money will not be a problem, because investing in yourself will be a priority (I myself took out a personal loan to work with mentors of my choice, and it was the best decision ever).

Healing is full of ups and downs. Some days will feel like you’re stuck in quicksand. Others will feel Like you’re straight up enlightened. There is no one way, no cookie cutter formula. Ask for guidance, give your mind a break from time to time, and allow the path to unfold.

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