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First three months

The Gassho Center's first three months were, as with any birth, filled with joy and laughter but also tears and worry. One thing is for sure, every week, every day brought something new, and as we enter the holiday season in full swing, the atmosphere is one of gratitude and celebration.

I was recently sharing some of my anxieties with a friend, regarding the future of the center, and he told me that in his eyes, just having opened it was a success. As his words sank into me, I knew he was right, and was reminded to focus on what I want to thrive. After all, this is what we teach at the center!

Some highlights for me, are of course our opening in September, and our first Sound Healing Bath with Cebu's very own Amitabha. In October we had two wonderful workshops with our guest teacher Miqo Dionisio from Manila, bringing us his brand of sound healing as well as an art workshop featuring the participant's spirit animals.

In November we had our first overnight retreat at the beach, the Serene Weekend. Given all the processing and self-reflection we did, it wasn't all that serene, all the time, for everyone!

And of course, our yoga classes with Rica, Les and Pascale, since the center has a holistic approach to wellbeing which covers the mind, body and spirit. Also notable were our meditation classes and talks about suicide and depression, which garnered quite a few participants, highlighting the need for such events in our hometown of Cebu.

I look forward to bringing many more teachers, modalities, and fun activities to the center in December and in 2018. In the meantime, I wish you all a stress-free holiday season! Drop by the center (let me know ahead) if you need a little help on making this happen.

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