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Coming Full Circle

It's been six months since the physical space for the Gassho Center closed, and there has been a lot of deep healing and inner work throughout the city and beyond. In less than a month, I take off for a new adventure on another continent, taking with me all the beautiful imprinting of Philippine cacao and plant medicine. Reiki, of course, I take along everywhere! I have just a couple events left as I wrap things up on this end of the world:

- Saturday 7 March, 10 am at Maayo Medical: Reiki level 1 Certification Course

- Sunday 8 March, 6pm at Soul Sierra: Cacao for Connection, meditaton and breathwork for Intimacy with the self and others

- Monday 9 March, 7pm at Asmara Urban Resort: Full Moon Cacao and Shamanic Journey in collabortion with Cath Plaza of Shamanic Reiki.

I will surely miss Cebu but am excited to bring my work to other parts of the world. I am especially proud and happy about the two centers opened by my students, namely Soul Sierra in Busay, spearheaded by the amazing Kymberly Maitland-Smith, and the recently opened Gaia Center in Matan, where Imee, Michael and Cath are already offering a wide array of healing services.

Finally Cath and I will be hosting one last overnight retreat on Saturday 21 March. The theme will be plant medicine. Please message me if you want more information about this at

Much love and cacao!


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