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Alhibé Nature Retreat

For some time now, I have been more intentional about spending time in nature. Since 2016, I have been organizing retreats, allowing people from my city and community to recharge and regenerate without having to board a plane. Creating and facilitating retreats is one of the favorite aspects of my work, and every single one is unique in its content, energy and magic. Even two retreats with similar activities in the same location will have completely different flavors due to the unique blend of participants.

Every circle, whether online or in person, overnight or fifteen minutes, creates a special bond between the participants. It has always been my belief that the people who show up at a certain moment always have something special to contribute to each other and to the session. Sometimes the contribution is unpleasant, as our best teachers can be the most polarizing ones, as they are the most direct pointers to our shadows. But more often than not, the gift is an uplifting, radiant one.

Our time spent to together in nature under the last full moon turned out to be a softening Yin practice, where we allowed body, mind and spirit to relax, unwind, and release tension built up from weeks, if not months, of challenges at work and at home. From cacao ceremony to Yin Yoga, we eased into each other’s stories, holding space for one another with tenderness. Perfect strangers feeling safe to been seen without judgement.


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