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Reiki Retreat

If you took a Reiki class at some point in your life and then never got around to practicing, I hear you. Life gets in the way, emergencies and pressures of work and family. I have even heard one person said she didn’t continue because she couldn’t stop eating pork (I never said you could not eat pork!).

Sometimes students apologize to me personally for not practicing, as if I were their disappointed parent. This practice is never about the teacher – in this case, me. It’s always about YOU and Spirit (God, Reiki, Source, etc.). Whatever you decide to do or not to do, that is 100% on you.

The wounded Inner Child would rather just be a disappointment to the parent again and again, as a learned way of getting attention and staying in this unconscious power dynamic.

To me, Reiki is all about reclaiming your Power. It never is me healing someone (or anyone, healing someone). It has always been about showing the right tools and strategies and creating the space for the magic to happen, where the practitioners find their own answers thereby taking a step towards sovereignty in all realms.

As I contemplate on how to best serve the greatest whole, I was guided to create just such space for those looking to either reconnect to Reiki or to deepen their practice. My five-week online Reiki Retreat starts next week on 15 December (14 depending on where you are).

We will be practicing Japanese Reiki breathing and palm-healing together on a weekly basis. I have purposely made the schedule light to honor everyone’s time. But as many of you know, one hour of focused practice can radiate throughout the week, the month, a lifetime.

Photo by Cathy Chiong at Reikicon 2021


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