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In our journey to wholeness, we are asked to peel off the layers of the onion, shedding values and beliefs that no longer served us, or never belonged to us in the first place. This process demands courage, as we step into a state of vulnerability. It is not common to have these moments, and we should cherish them as they are precious. The act of coming together and revealing our true selves is a transformative one. Sometimes, we reveal a part of ourselves that we were not even aware of to begin with. Most of this process takes place in solitude. But at other moments, the support of the community is vital, a community of acceptance and non-judgement.


Spend a relaxing and empowering weekend by the beach, connecting with like-minded people and uncovering your layers in a safe and supportive (and beautiful) space.


Cordova Reef Village resort is a sprawling property conveniently located on Mactan Island near Cebu City. The rooms are spacious and comfortable, as is the swimming pool. You will have some free time to enjoy nature, use the facilities and integrate the teachings.

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