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Windy practices and teaches Shamanism, Cacao Ceremony, Reiki energy healing, meditation, tarot,  yoga and other forms of magic. 

Born in Baguio City, Philippines, she lived in Manila, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Madrid, Geneva and Marseille before moving to Cebu in 2013, where she ran the Gassho Center from 2017 to 2019.

She has worked in the United Nations, the World Health Organisation and the Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria and has a degree in English Language Studies and in French Culinary Arts.

The Gassho Center for Healing Arts was born amidst the ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia in 2015. Following a trip I took there with my daughter, I started my journey with Reiki in Thailand with Kit Johnson. From there I continued with Sarah Salcedo Rubin for Reiki level 2 in Manila, Philippines, and then Jamila Nedjadi, also in Manila for my Master-Teacher level. I undertook my 200h Vinyasa Yoga Teacher training in 2016 with Pascale Wettstein of Mudra Yoga in Cebu. 

For about one year I practiced yoga and reiki at Reiki Cebu, which eventually found its way to the Center. Ever since I have integrated other modalities such as tarot, Pranic Healing, shamanic journeying and Physical Manual Therapy (a form of body work) as part of my tool box. I also work with cyrstals and essential oils.


The purpose of the Center is to provide a space where people can come when they feel ready to take hold of their health, on physical, emotional and/or mental levels. I look forward to working on you for part of your journey at the Gassho Center.

* Namaste *

- Windy Gancayco

Reiki Master-Teacher

Cebu City, 2017

*Update, following the closing of the Center in August 2019*

The closing of the center after two years of operation caused a lot of grief among the community. For many, this was a unique place of comfort and a second home to some. As I personally pursue my journey towards non-attachment, I consider this closure as an opening and an expansion. The process of transformation is not without pain and suffering, but the outcome is priceless and worth the sacrifice. The Gassho Center lives on in spirit, in the mindful work we do sharing the light of reiki, or using other modalities I have been exploring including cacao and rapé as well as other powerful plant medicines. May we all honor the path, stay our course, keep the faith. Love, always. Windy, Ocotber 2019

"My husband and I were traveling around Asia for a few months and our first day in the Philippines was in Cebu city. Initially, we had not thought to stay more than one day in Cebu, but through an amazing case of synchronicity, we stumbled upon the Gassho Center. We immediately connected with Windy and the energy of this place. We ended up taking kundalini yoga, theta healing, tarot and reiki lessons. Windy is very open, kind and dedicated, always supportive and warm. I would love to recommend this place if you are really looking for change in your life through the healing of your soul."

- Barbara and Christopher, April 2018

"I have experienced spirituality for the past few years, working out with different schools of thought and practices, and studying various teachings. Then Windy brought Reiki to Cagayan de Oro, I joined and felt like all the years of my spiritual practice was at last put in order. Reiki is the lamp that shone so brightly so I could clearly see the path I was taking and where I should be heading. So much healing, so much guidance, so much love... Thank you Windy, you are an Angel."

- P. B. 2017

"I feel like I have, in a short amount of time, journeyed and progressed into a better version of myself.  My thoughts are clearer, I have more energy, I am less stressed and I am overall a lot happier. The simplicity and accessibility of this healing practice makes it all the more something that more people, in my opinion, should experience.
I’m very thankful for Windy for pioneering Reiki in Cebu, it will surely continue to transform lives and enrich communities.  Her guidance has been instrumental in my own development and I would highly recommend Reiki to whoever is curious and interested."- Gen, 2017​

​"It's almost a month since I experienced reiki from you (Windy). I've been feeling great about myself. I'm now more focused on my inner self and have a wonderful perspective in life. It has affected my business and other social stuffs in a good way! Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you soon."
- Ralph, September 2015"

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