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For the past few months I had been in discussion over a collaboration opportunity that stretched me beyond my comfort zone. It was challenging though I knew I could complete the work involved. This would have entailed me working with a new, totally skeptical audience, which I was okay with, since my medicine circle is open to all, as long as respect is present.

After hours of negotiating culminating in a manifesto/code of ethics I received on Sunday night, I decided not to go through with the project. Even if the contents were factual, mostly stating the obvious (ie. facts are facts, magic is not a fact), and I had no issue with them, it was the underlying tone and energy that just didn’t sit well. It was lacking that vital element of respect for difference. As much as my mind wanted to push through, my gut said NO and that was that.

Side note: the next morning, I had an outpouring of alternate, more aligned opportunities.

All this to say, that my medicine is not for everyone, and I am okay with that. In fact, that is how it should be.

Most of my practices are not science-based, and I am also okay with that. I acknowledge that many if not most are either not interested or more likely, triggered by these practices and would actively discredit them.

The fact is, I love the mysterious aspect of Life. I don’t want to have everything in neat little boxes anymore. I don’t need science to validate my every prayer, my every intention.

I love that I don’t understand everything, that I can trust my intuition when facts point in an opposing direction.

I love that I am able to sit in discomfort and not knowing.

I love that I have more questions than answers.

I love that I am allowing space for Spirit to step in a take a little more space every day.

I love the magical aspect of my life.

Yes, it still hurts when I am shamed and ridiculed, discriminated or shunned for my beliefs and practices. But it only hurts my ego, and it doesn’t last very long!

As soon as I remember who I am, where I’m from, why I’m here, everything else is just noise.

These times of remembering are in moments of solitude and contemplation, and they are in circles with community. They are also sharing play and joy with friends.

This morning as the full moon literally woke me up before dawn with its brilliant light, this beautiful prayer from Grandmother Sasa was brought to me by Richard Rudd, one of my mentors. May this all be our prayer:

“Grandfather Chief Above the Heavenly Stars

Hear my humble Prayer O Great One

You are the giver of life and everything that comes with it.

I am but a small blade of grass in the vastness of Mother Earth.

I ask for your guidance so I may see the beauty you put before us.

Grandfather, use us all today as an instrument,

A hollow reed to bring down the healing energy,

The prosperity and goodness on this Earth one more time.

I plant the seed of Life within the circle,

So it may grow, and we can become one with each other,

And speak as one again. Aho!”

I was recently chatting with a friend of mine who is active in the digital nomad community, and he asked me if I would be writing about my experience. Aside from two blog posts from Martha’s Vineyard and Tulum, I mostly stuck to social media posts and stories. With the end of my journey rearing its head, I thought a final wrap-up post was in order.

To give a little background on this trip and my story, I am an energy healer, teacher and retreat facilitator based in the Philippines since 2013. Back in 2020, I had a one-way ticket to Europe where I had planned on returning to since my move seven years prior to that. But we all know what happened in the spring of 2020, don’t we?

It wasn’t until two years afterwards that an opportunity arose, and within one month I was on a plane to the United States to celebrate my mother’s seventieth birthday and also experience life on a farm in April 2022. What I thought was going to last the entire summer only lasted two months, after which I went on to Mexico for the first time in my life.

My trip to Mexico was years in the making. The real impetus at that moment was the opportunity to train with Zen Takai, my bushido sensei. I had met Zen sensei online in September 2021, and had been training over zoom with him ever since that time. Though my time in Mexico was short, it was intense and exhilarating. My dear friend Gen flew down from Canada to meet me and helped me discover the mesmerizing temples of Chichen Itza and the lovely town of Valladolid in Yucatan. Without her, I would have just stayed in Tulum and trained with sensei.

By that time it was nearly August and another friend in Geneva offered me to stay at her place while she was on vacation (most of Europe is away on vacation throughout the month of August). Since my plans to stay in Martha’s Vineyard didn’t push through, I decided to accept her offer and got a ticket from Cancun (nearest airport to Tulum) and head to Switzerland, where I had lived for eight years.

After a relaxing month in Switzerland, enjoying the heat and the beautiful hikes that part of the world offers, I went to visit another friend in Vietnam (on my way home to the Philippines), who had just opened an ashram, or a place of meditation and healing, in the countryside. It was my second time in Vietnam, and as I am writing this, I am sitting at my friend’s vegan restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, Heal & Celeb.

In terms of a digital nomad lifestyle, Mexico and Vietnam definitely stand out (the US and Switzerland are not cost-efficient, obviously), with Mexico being more expensive than I had anticipated. Still, it’s a very popular destination for digital nomads around the world, for the sunny weather, cost of living and chill lifestyle. It’s definitely on my list (okay I am biased because my martial arts teacher lives there too). I also love Vietnam, and the first time I visited in 2019, I wanted to move there.

My best advice is really to focus on networking and building relationships. Everything is about relationships. Take time to reach out and nurture your relationships, new and old. That is what allowed me to travel around the world for four months on a relatively small budget. Honestly I never even thought this trip would happen, but with a lot of trust, surrender and friendship, I had one of the best trips of my life.

Please feel free to reach out for any inquiries at

Last month I had the immense privilege of meeting and training in person with my bushido sensei, Zen Takai. I first saw Zen sensei on Instagram last year and was intrigued by the elegance of his Japanese sword-wielding videos. After a short chat I had a trial class and was instantly hooked. This was in September 2021. Training was over Zoom. All this time, I did not expect to actually meet in person so soon, but it happened, and it was as magical as you can imagine.

It was also my first time in Mexico, where sensei moved six months ago. I got to a chance to visit the Yucatan, which is close to Zen Sensei’s new base in Tulum. I thoroughly enjoyed Mexico; six days went by too fast, and I wish I could have stayed longer.

If you are on Instagram, I will be going live on @kazane_windy this Friday with Zen sensei and my bushido brother Kozan san of the Jedi Playbook. We will be going through Miyamoto Musashi’s twenty-one precepts known as the Dokkodo.

Date and time:

Friday 5 August 2022

8am Pacific

10am Tulum

5pm Geneva

IG Live




Hope to see you there!

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