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From mountains to island, practicing equanimity, mindfulness and gratitude, one day at a time. 

Snapshots from June in Martha’s Vineyard!

Get yourself a room with a view. Find a loving cat to pet. Take a break from coffee, and enjoy it even more after your detox. Take time to slow down. Smile a lot, be open and friendly. Befriend a mumbaki (local shaman) and learn from the local practices. Take hikes and walks in nature, in the rice fields and the mountains. Breathe in the fresh air, connect with the plants and the rocks. 

Remember what’s important. Re-establish your priorities and values. Eat protein and carbs. Skip your fast. 

Make connections… from your heart space. Relax into the local rhythms (“You are so concerned with time!” my friend Mamerto told me). Appreciate every moment, then release it with gratitude: Ichi go, ichi e  (“one time, one meeting”) meaning that the present will never, ever be repeated, and is infinitely precious, as a result.

Maggok, Hungduan

This morning to celebrate my first month in Banaue, I had a rapeh ceremony, during which I was reminded that years ago, the same medicine showed me visions of the very rice terraces I am surrounded with today. Rapeh is sacred tobacco snuff from the Amazon, made mostly of mapacho, a strong tobacco, as well as other medicinal herbs. It is ingested through the nostrils with the help of a pipe or self-applicator called kuripe. As soon as the medicine hit, I saw the rice fields, just like I have countless times before, since 2010. I was reminded that I was in the place that had been calling me for nearly four years. It was something to really celebrate and be present with, rather than jump to the next thing. 

I then saw a shiny infinity symbol made of flames, which felt like it was harmonizing both lobes of my brain, the yin and the yang. 

Originally I had planned to write a post about what I ha been up to these past weeks, but somehow I am not finding the words and feel like I wouldn’t do justice to the experience. It would be much better to keep extending the invitation to visit the Cordilleras, whether I am here or not! The sky, energy and nature speak for themselves.

Photo taken after rapeh, grounding with a heart-warming cup of Kazane’s Signature Blend cacao from Lola Tita de Cacao

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