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Kurama Yama, Reiki Retreat May 2023


Kazane Windy practices and teaches Cacao Ceremony, Reiki energy healing, meditation, tarot,  yoga and other modalities. Born in Baguio City, Philippines, she lived in Manila, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Madrid, Geneva and Marseille before moving to Cebu in 2013, where she ran the Gassho Center from 2017 to 2019.

She has worked in the UNHQ, the WHO and the Global Fund and has a degree in English Language Studies and in French Culinary Arts. She is also the founder of Omfest, Reikcon, and the Kazane, Sound of the Wind Podcast.

Aside from her work, she is also a PhD student in Clinical Psychology and a student of Bushido under Zen Takai Sensei.

Tsushima Island, photo by @cristomillar

"I have experienced spirituality for the past few years, working out with different schools of thought and practices, and studying various teachings. Then Windy brought Reiki to Cagayan de Oro, I joined and felt like all the years of my spiritual practice was at last put in order. Reiki is the lamp that shone so brightly so I could clearly see the path I was taking and where I should be heading. So much healing, so much guidance, so much love... Thank you Windy, you are an Angel."

- P. B. 2017

"I feel like I have, in a short amount of time, journeyed and progressed into a better version of myself.  My thoughts are clearer, I have more energy, I am less stressed and I am overall a lot happier. The simplicity and accessibility of this healing practice makes it all the more something that more people, in my opinion, should experience.
I’m very thankful for Windy for pioneering Reiki in Cebu, it will surely continue to transform lives and enrich communities.  Her guidance has been instrumental in my own development and I would highly recommend Reiki to whoever is curious and interested."- Gen, 2017​

​"It's almost a month since I experienced reiki from you (Windy). I've been feeling great about myself. I'm now more focused on my inner self and have a wonderful perspective in life. It has affected my business and other social stuffs in a good way! Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you soon."
- Ralph, September 2015"


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