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Confessions of a former hypocondriac

When I was in high school, I was highly competitive academically and was either in school or studying. At one point I felt so exhausted that I thought I had Lupus, and subjected myself to a battery of tests, where nothing was found.

Later, in my thirties, I was working an office job in NYC and started having excruciating stomach pains. I was convinced it was a tumor. This time I had an endoscopy, and all they found was a sensitivity to gluten.

What I didn’t know back then, was that it was my own thoughts and lifestyle that were creating the unease.

It wasn’t until I started working with energy that I was able to manage my own health and bring vitality and ease into both my physical and mental bodies.

When two individuals are subject to the same outside attack from a foreign body, the determining factor will be the environment it is placed in. Thoughts and managing emotions play a big role in this environment through the chemicals our bodies release.

Starting a daily meditation practice or learning an energy healing modality such as Reiki are two ways to create an inner environment that will not allow harmful foreign bodies to thrive. The best thing is that these are both all natural tools with no undesirable side effects, and which can be practiced anywhere, at any time.

DM to start one of these practices today. I have both short and long term programs depending on your needs and readiness, as well as many free resources available.

Your health is in your hands.


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