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Parents, are you mindful of not dumping all your fears and anxieties on your kids?

You want them to be secure? You have a plan for them? If you don’t do your inner work first, all your plans will be futile.

This year has taught us many lessons, as our shadows rose from the depths of our collective and individual consciousnesses. Our plans were shattered, for some, savings and investments as well.

The best thing you can do for your kids (aside from showing what it looks like to be deeply happy, not just superficially so), is to give them space. Nurture them with unconditional love as they find their way and make their mistakes.

When my eighteen-year old daughter was struggling about a life decision earlier this year, I told her that there were no such things as mistakes, and that whatever decision she made, she could always correct course and would learn something in the process (I did express my preference, which she dismissed, lol).

Teaching your kids to find their own truth – which most likely will be different from yours, dear parent – and think for themselves, is the most priceless gift you can give them (even if it’s easier to just buy them stuff).

But of course, you cannot teach this if you have not done the work yourself.

The past week has been all about cutting energy cords, for my private and group clients, as well as for myself. As we cut cords we are freed from outdated relationships, but also with thinking patterns that we have outgrown (and even old versions of ourselves).

When you do the inner work, you are preparing the terrain for beautiful seeds to grow. Expect to be amazed, and for your kids amaze you!


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