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On silence and noise

Another whirlwind month, with our anniversary celebration, two powerful new healing modalities (Seraphim Blueprint and ThetaHealing), Gong Baths, Kundalini Yoga, and an amazing Full Moon beach retreat in Camotes! I love being able to mix and match from the different tools in my ever-expanding toolbox, as well as being a student among my other students. Earlier this year I replaced a belief that learning and growing had to be painful and a struggle and replaced it with the program that it could be fun and easeful. This does not mean that I don’t have my days where I struggle with anxiety and questions and doubts, but it means that these no longer drag on for days on end; rather, I am able to accept and process them more flowingly. So yes, this does mean less drama and more joy and miracles on a daily basis.

In November, I am very much looking forward to welcoming Meditation Teacher Christopher Luard for a couple sessions at the Gassho Center and a two-might Silent retreat in the mountains. I have done two week-long silent retreats in the French Alps when I was younger and really enjoyed them. I really do love silence, and sometimes it is challenging being in a place where silence is rare. There is always some sort of noise or music blaring. Even during yoga or meditation or at the massage parlor, some people do not silence their phones! I guess I got spoiled growing up overseas, in places where inhabitants are very sensitive about noise, sometimes excessively so.

For more info on Chris you can check out his page here:

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