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The Yoga of Awareness

It's the third time we are hosting Kundalini Yoga at the Gassho Center and it is still difficult to explain exactly what it is. This short video made by our guest teacher Nick Daez can give you a glimpse.

Kundalini Yoga is unlike any other yoga you have experienced before, with some of the poses appearing a little bit silly! Just like Reiki or even Inner Dance, it is one of those things you have to experience to understand.

Speaking of which, Nick is also an Inner Dance facilitator, and will guide us through three sessions during his short visit to Cebu. Unlike what most people think, Inner Dance does not necessarily involve movement. For my part, I have spent most of my Inner Dance sessions lying on the mat, as my journeys were internal. Everyone is different, but you don't have to be a dancer to partake in an Inner Dance session. I will be prefacing the sessions with cacao ceremony to open the space. This is a beautiful ritual using the plant medicine of the Theobroma Cacao plant to gently unlock the heart chakra. The unsweetened brew is blessed and sipped mindfully.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday, 23 -25 February:

10 am Kundalini Yoga

3pm Kundalini Yoga

6pm Cacao ceremony and Inner Dance

Tickets are Php 500

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