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Confidence in Your Intuition

So you’ve been doing mindfulness and inner work through different means: Yoga, Energy Healing modalities (Reiki being one of them I hope), meditation, some journaling, and what-have-you’s. You probably have noticed a change in your reactions (or the lack thereof) in situations where you used to stress about a lot. Nice! You’re leveling up, and the efforts (or whatever fun you’re having while working) are paying off. You realize practicing mindfulness and meditation actually is worth your while and that looking within widens your capacity to see that you are composed of multiple facets that you’re pursuing to unite somehow.

And as you grow into your practice, you come across the word Intuition. Most likely, you’ve already attempted to harness that-- perhaps after hearing that Intuition is actually a Superpower.

We hear the word a lot in this community. “We are guided by our Intuition,” “My Intuition tells me…” so on and so forth. But do we fully understand what Intuition means?

Sometimes, we call it “Gut Feeling,” or “Inner Voice--” rightfully so, because Intuition actually is a voice if not a feeling-- it could even be a vision, it could be anything! What makes it different from our other senses is how fast it flows out of us. It’s a statement or knowledge within that you don’t even attach feelings or logic to; it’s just there, and the information comes and goes so quickly, which is why people who meditate and practice heightening their awareness are the ones who catch it better. And if you’re already training yourself, then I congratulate you.

However, being able to constantly tap into your Intuition is no easy feat to do: Being aware that you have this superpower you can have access to any time and anywhere isn’t enough. If there’s anything Mindfulness and Spirituality practices tell us, it’s that we tend to err and waver-- and just because you’ve heard your Inner Voice a few times doesn’t guarantee that your trust in it will always be there. We face circumstances where we question whether the information we’re getting is coming from a place of fear, or if it actually is our intuition.

As a Tarot Card Consultant and Reader who also collaborates with guides and angels through Intuition, one of my challenges is reading for myself, especially when I’m reading about emotionally-loaded questions: Some days Ego comes out to play and fogs my connections, or a particular card sends a bit of anxiety flying out of me, my logical, agitated mind jumping into conclusions. When these things happen, I end up reaching for that deck booklet-- that’s okay. If people who connect with their Intuition on a regular basis struggle from a disconnect from time to time, it should be all right to struggle too, as a newbie. Someone who has only begun their journey to reconnect with their Intuition shouldn’t feel bad about second-guessing themselves and asking for help in ways that fit them. Definitely watch out for Ego as well when you’re dealing with a person and you feel a need to be correct in your readings and hunches to get that kick of affirmation or validation. When you’re guided by Intuition, you realize, it doesn’t really matter what a second party says. Again, as humans, we’re bound to have moments of haziness as much as we have moments of clarity.

Addressing the flaws of the human mind is a step towards fully connecting to your Intuition. I find that it’s in the moments of surrendering to this imperfection that brings us back to utilizing the gift. When you’re calm and detached, this is when Intuition ticks-- be sure to catch the first thing it tells you, without succumbing to any emotional reaction. Teaming up with your Intuition is a constant accumulation of your spiritual practice.

To be honest, I don’t think there’s an actual, fool-proof method on how to be fully confident with your Intuition because the process is… intuitive! It has a lot to do with your intentions for reconnecting as it has a lot to do with letting them go. Somehow, as you maintain a consistent practice, listening just becomes second nature to you. Oh yeah, another thing: Active Listening helps a lot with honing this, and in turn, helps you become more confident.

Being confident with your Intuition also depends on the practice that you already have. Give it a try. When you look at symbols around you, or when you’re writing in your journal, gauge how much your mind speaks up, what kind of reactions you’re getting; did you hear something from the back of your head before you had that emotional reaction? A journal is your best friend for keeping track of this.

Like most of the situations we face in life, being confident, not just in your Intuition, takes a leap of faith. You can always get to it. It’s all within.

About our guest writer:

One of the newest Reiki Master-Teachers of Cebu, with a consistent magic and spiritual practice, Faith has been reading cards since she was young. Finally deciding to share her gift with people who need help connecting to their guides and their psyche, Faith has been offering professional Card Consultations since 2017. Finally, she’s opening up more to share what she knows about connecting to your intuition through one of her favorite healing tools!

If you’re called to work with your spirit guides and the archangels and feel that Faith is a good match for your consultation needs, PM, DM is key :) You may reach her through: Instagram: @faith.and.flourish Email: Text: +63 939 568 5439

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