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Hey guys! So it’s almost been three weeks since the closing of the Gassho Center, which I consider as an EXPANSION more than anything else! I have been slowly adjusting, recalibrating, making new connections and brewing some cool stuff for you guys. People are still a bit confused about my work, so here is a bit of a rundown if you will, feel free to follow all some (or none!) – I know a lot of you already are, and I am grateful.

My old Reiki page Reiki cebu is no longer active, but it’s still up and I guess you can still consult if for historical reference here:

It chronicles my first steps in Reiki and sharing this with Cebu.

A lot of you are already following Gassho Center’s page, if not here it is:

There’s also the website:

Main focus is of course Reiki, which is at the foundation of my practice, but also shamanism and as of last year, plant medicine (cacao, rapé, sanangga, hongos, etc.), sound healing, yoga, tarot, astrology, and more! There is also the Gassho Circle, which is a closed group, not currently accepting newbies, while I figure out what to do with it.

Next is my public page Zarah Windy, which coincided with the launch of my online mindfulness course. I actually opened it to have a separate personal account because I was getting a lot of request from people I didn’t know. That didn’t really help, lol. Anyway the main focus of this page is Mindfulness practice, including, but not only, meditation.

Omfest was last May so I also opened a FB page and IG account for that, resources from the last event.

Finally, I started Tantrika also this year, which is applying mindfulness to all aspects of relationships, a topic that is always at the forefront of everyone’s mind (together with health and career). The more I deepen my practices with different modalities, the more they seem to point towards this path, which I am called to share.

So there you are, most of these accounts have IG counterparts, but everything is in flux. Hope you find these resources helpful. I am available for private bookings as well as groups, let’s work together to bring more love into our beautiful planet!


IG handles: gasshocenter, zarahwindy, wakeupcall_mindful, omfest2019

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