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2020 IN PICS (Year of Transformation)

As I reflect on the past year, I can’t help but gasp at my own crazy journey. It started in January with a beautiful Wellness Festival I co-organized, Vegan Omfest, which featured some of my favorite teachers and healing modalities all gathered in two amazing, transformative days.

By March, we were in lockdown and I gradually moved my courses online (thank you Zoom). I was in shock, because my schedule till then had me out of the house early and back home late at night EVERY DAY.

April and May ... like an at-home vipassana retreat and Ayahuasca ceremony that lasts for months!

By June, I had done a tremendous amount of letting go from all the time on my hands for introspection and practice. I shaved my head and let go of my old Facebook account, with all the pictures and memories. That was release for me, and a huge energetic shift (hence the Airbender pic I asked my super-talented friend Jason Charles Escalona to do for me).

In October, I launched season one of my podcast (thank you coach Dave Visaya!), which you can catch it on Spotify or here on my website.

Finally, last month, I was reunited with my daughter, whom I had not seen since January.

It was not an easy year, but it was one of the most transformational not only for myself, but also for a lot of people I know. It was a year of deep shadow work for the human race as a whole, where we were asked to question and rethink everything, from institutions and authority figures to our very own core beliefs.

I am excited for 2021.Realistically, the new year will bring just as many challenges, if not more than the past. But those who are doing the inner work are stronger, and can face these new challenges, with an upgraded version of themselves. And those who have not, can still get on board. It’s never too late.

Happy New Year everyone!


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