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Ansuz and Kotodama - the Power of the Spoken Word

A few weeks ago, during my Gene Key retreat, I did a meditation (more like a Shamanic Journey, really) embodying the Pathway of Breakthrough.

During the meditation, we received a gift. The gift I received, to my surprise, was a rune. I felt some disappointment, even irritation, because I hadn’t used runes since my college days. The first thought that came to me was “another system/lineage/tradition... as if I needed that.”

But I saw the rune very distinctly, and after that thought came and went, I heard a voice saying “this is Odin’s rune.” I decided I would look up the meaning of the rune, that clearly appeared on a polished emerald, so I could not ignore the message.

Ansuz rune (Fine Art America image)

The rune I received is called Ansuz. It is a rune of communication, of air, of the power of the word. Maggie Cunnigham, of Magin Rose, even compared it to the the Japanese Kotodama, which I was introduced to in 2016, as part of my Reiki master training. With Kotodama, Reiki, or life force energy, is transmitted through voice and sound.

Kotodama (image from Pinterest)

Traditions throughout the world point to the power of the spoken word. It is said that fools blabber on mindlessly, but that keepers of wisdom use their words very sparingly.

“Be impeccable with your word” is the first agreement in Don Miguel Ruiz’s classic book, “the Four Agreements.”

If each word you spoke were a spell, how would you communicate differently?


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