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Big lessons, small stye, in my eye

Not counting visits to the dentist and dermatologist, yesterday was my first time to have a medical consultation since 2015. That’s the year I learned to practice Reiki on myself. Two days ago I felt my left eye was swollen, did Reiki on it, but the next day it got worse. So I went to see an ophthalmologist, and now am undergoing treatment.

Of course I had to look into the spiritual meaning of this, since as energy workers we know that illness starts on the energetic plane, and when left uncleared, slows down into the physical form. Louise Hay is one of my reference for illness and corresponding spiritual meaning. According to her, eye infections occur when you don’t like what you are seeing in your life. Bingo! Around the time the stye erupted, I had a very unpleasant interaction with a family member that brought up all sorts of old wounds and triggers. It was a humbling experience, because I was beginning to feel almost smug about where I was in life - a very good place, filled with peace, friendship, and inner spaciousness. And then Boom! Universe drops a bomb and all of a sudden you are down in the depths of your shadows of shame, inadequacy, questioning self-worth and integrity. WOW.

So what now? Nurture myself into healing once again. Embrace the lessons this relationship continues to provide for me, reminding me that healing is a LIFE-LONG PROCESS.

I am grateful to Christopher Luard for his Equanimity retreat, the perfect container for this inner exploration. I allow myself to be curious about whatever arises in my world – even when it comes to people you love and know love you but behave display very hurtful behaviour. How can I truly accept this and practice unconditional love? Big lessons, small stye, in my eye.


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