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Bushido Training in Tulum

Last month I had the immense privilege of meeting and training in person with my bushido sensei, Zen Takai. I first saw Zen sensei on Instagram last year and was intrigued by the elegance of his Japanese sword-wielding videos. After a short chat I had a trial class and was instantly hooked. This was in September 2021. Training was over Zoom. All this time, I did not expect to actually meet in person so soon, but it happened, and it was as magical as you can imagine.

It was also my first time in Mexico, where sensei moved six months ago. I got to a chance to visit the Yucatan, which is close to Zen Sensei’s new base in Tulum. I thoroughly enjoyed Mexico; six days went by too fast, and I wish I could have stayed longer.

If you are on Instagram, I will be going live on @kazane_windy this Friday with Zen sensei and my bushido brother Kozan san of the Jedi Playbook. We will be going through Miyamoto Musashi’s twenty-one precepts known as the Dokkodo.

Date and time:

Friday 5 August 2022

8am Pacific

10am Tulum

5pm Geneva

IG Live




Hope to see you there!


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