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During one of the cacao ceremonies this weekend, facilitator Ea Torrado asked us to share a recent win… I shared how last week, I went to consult with a physical therapist, for pain I felt in the side of my body. This was a win, because often, as healers, we fail to practice self-care in the form of asking for help. Asking for help does not make you weak, it makes you stronger! Healers and teachers also need the support of the tribe and the community. My physical therapist located a “dormant” (nice way to say “lazy”) muscle that he activated with his blade. It was painful, but as a result there was a release, and I feel that not only will this allow me to continue with martial arts training, but also benefit my afro-latin dancing and my freediving performance.

When you book a session with an expert, you are not wasting time and money, you are INVESTING your time, money and energy, in your greatest and most unique capital: yourself.

Want to be of greater service? Learn to practice self-care. Talking to friends is great, but often times they are also lost in the same frequency, and though well-meaning, their advice can lack experience, knowledge and wisdom.

Over the past year I have invested thousands of dollars on learning and growth, and it was worth every single cent. Need some guidance? I am happy to hop on a call with you to explore how we can work together.

Breathe deep. Breathe love. Wishing you all a magical week ahead XX

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