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Sypertyphoon Odette - International name: Rai

I can’t remember the last time I felt fear like this. At the height of the storm I thought the glass windows surrounding the condo would just give in so I put on my motorcycle helmet so at least my head would be somewhat protected from glass or metal. I’m on the fifteenth floor but I could see things flying by.

I spoke to a neighbor this morning and another apartment’s windows on the same floor indeed gave in and their TV set flew out. I was not far from that scenario. As I was huddled in a corner with my helmet I tried to meditate but the howling winds were so deafening. I started to chant the Gokai (reiki principles) and that helped focus on the body.

The doors of the three bedrooms were battering like a rabid beast was trying to get though them. Finally one door flew into the hallway… the wind had entered through an air con hole and water had gushed through. I had to move the bed to over the hole to stop the water from coming in.

As I stepped out into the street this morning looking for internet there were tree trunks and branches everywhere, shops shattered and billboards on the street.

Last night I thought if this is my last night ever I am at peace and so grateful for a beautiful life. I made a mental list of all the people and things I am grateful and felt peaceful. Meditation is truly a life-saving practice.

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