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Cacao Tantra

There are many misconceptions about Tantra, even among so-called tantra-practitioners.

The most common is that Tantra is mainly about sexual practice. In my personal work with tantra, I have come to the conclusion that it is more about breath, consciousness, and connection. Sex may be a beautiful and fun part of it, but it is not the main focus, at least for me.

As we use the breath as a bridge between the physical and subtle (non-physical bodies), we open up our energy centers to greater flow. Our sexual energies reside in the lower energy centers of the bodies, commonly known as the chakras, so there will be sensation in this area.

Because our reproductive organs are located near the lower chakras, intense energy flooding in this part is almost automatically associated to sexuality and sexual pleasure.

However, this energy can also be channeled for other non-sexual endeavors such as creativity, non-romantic relations, productivity and even business.

During my event on 13 February, we will be activating all the energy centers in the body, and then connecting to a partner in sharing this life force in a sacred and intimate practice (you get to keep your clothes on). This is why I have decided to tailor this specific event for couples. You may do it with a friend, as I have in the past. But a word of warning: powerful energies will be unleashed, so you must trust your partner fully and have some sort of mutual understanding.

For those of you who are unable to participate physically, I have successfully led this practice online, so that can also be arranged. Either way, you know how to reach me.

Yabyum sculpture by Agnes Arellano


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