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Saving the Puppies

During my month-long stay in Moalboal, the seaside community located about two and a half hours from the bustling metropolis of Cebu City, I met some amazing people, one of which took it upon herself to help alleviate the situation with the stray dogs there. This is problem is not only isolated to Moalboal, and there are some amazing organizations and individuals in the city who are also doing a lot of selfless work to ease the suffering of stray cats and dogs.

Even before the structure was built, people were already dumping abandoned puppies on the grounds, and now the sanctuary is at full capacity, with new puppies being dumped regularly. I offered to hold a virtual cacao ceremony as a way to contribute to the expenses of the shelter. If you cannot attend, you can still donate directly to the shelter's GoFund me page here.

If you would like to join the ceremony, which will combine meditation and shamanic journey, click here.

Make sure to have your cup of warm cacao ready!


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