Hey guys! For some time now I have been doing these fun FB live sessions to pick up on the general energy of our viewers with the help of tarot cards, a tool amongst many others available to us. Here I am sharing the one for the month of November, which I uploaded on YouTube.

The general gist of this month is to protect your energy, be choosy who you spend your time with, and remember to practice self-care so as not to be depleted by the time December rolls in. In this sense, the topics of Health, Career and Relationships intersect (they always affect each other anyway!). Practice a grounding meditation daily - there are many available on Youtube - to stay centered. Enjoy!

Another whirlwind month, with our anniversary celebration, two powerful new healing modalities (Seraphim Blueprint and ThetaHealing), Gong Baths, Kundalini Yoga, and an amazing Full Moon beach retreat in Camotes! I love being able to mix and match from the different tools in my ever-expanding toolbox, as well as being a student among my other students. Earlier this year I replaced a belief that learning and growing had to be painful and a struggle and replaced it with the program that it could be fun and easeful. This does not mean that I don’t have my days where I struggle with anxiety and questions and doubts, but it means that these no longer drag on for days on end; rather, I am able to accept and process them more flowingly. So yes, this does mean less drama and more joy and miracles on a daily basis.

In November, I am very much looking forward to welcoming Meditation Teacher Christopher Luard for a couple sessions at the Gassho Center and a two-might Silent retreat in the mountains. I have done two week-long silent retreats in the French Alps when I was younger and really enjoyed them. I really do love silence, and sometimes it is challenging being in a place where silence is rare. There is always some sort of noise or music blaring. Even during yoga or meditation or at the massage parlor, some people do not silence their phones! I guess I got spoiled growing up overseas, in places where inhabitants are very sensitive about noise, sometimes excessively so.

For more info on Chris you can check out his page here:


Next week will be the celebration of the Gassho Center's first year anniversary, and I am filled with gratitude at how the Center has grown, as well as how the community as responded to it. I knew there was room for a place for healing in the city, and it was a matter of getting the word out. Through this experience I learned so much about TRUST and LETTING GO, big lessons for me as I have tended to be a bit of a micro-manager and control freak at times. Over the past twelve months so much healing has transpired within the center walls, lots of tears of laughter and pain and release, friendships formed and closure achieved.

The idea of "painting your life" never really made sense to me until this year, where I curated with the help of Spirit, offerings for the community. As I start my day I ask "how can I serve" and I can do this through the center.

I look forward to a second year where more people can feel at home in the center and maybe spread their own wings and share their own story of healing, inspiring others to do the same.

With so much love xoxo


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