In April of 2018, the Gassho Center introduced the healing energy of sacred cacao ceremony to its community. To celebrate its first year anniversary, we are inviting you to join our photo contest and get the chance to win your very own cacao tree, named after you!


  1. Post a photo representing meaningful experience you had at the Gassho Center over the course of the past year. This can be related to cacao ceremony, but not necessarily! It can be about reiki, tarot, yoga, shamanic journeying, or whatever your experience was that you would like to share. Make sure to use the hashtags #gasshocenter #gasshoanniversary and #gasshoexperience.

  2. Tag 3 of your friends whom you think would want to have a similar experience.

  3. If you haven’t already, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see if you won!

Contest submissions is until August 31 only. Winner announcement will be on September 6.


Winning photo will be chosen based on most number of likes, relevance and creativity.


Your very own cacao tree with your name at the foothills of mount Apo for one year, and the harvest including the following, delivered to your home:

  • Cocoa nibs (Pouch of 150g) x 1

  • 100% Dark chocolate coins (Pouch of 150g) x 1

  • 77% Dark chocolate coins (Pouch of 150g)

  • 64% Dark chocolate coins (Pouch of 150g)

  • 77% Dark chocolate (50g bar) x 4

  • 64% Dark chocolate (50g bar) x 4

  • 55% dark chocolate (50g bar) x 4

  • 42% milk chocolate (50g bar) x 4

  • 64% Dark chocolate with cocoa nibs(50g bar) x 3

  • 42% Milk chocolate with cocoa nibs (50g bar)

I admit to having written a blog piece about post-partum depression, but right now it seems more like a bummer more than anything else (not that we shouldn’t talk about it, on the contrary). Instead I am feeling a buzz of excitement about what has been happening at the center and what is about to happen over the coming months.

First big news is that I complete my cacao facilitation course with the lovely Mona Moon. I found Mona online and we immediately had a connection – I knew I was meant to work with her. I finished my course in April, and have been using cacao regularly ever since. It has been wonderful sharing this gentle, soulful magic with the community. Here is a message passed on to me by my teacher and friends Mona, after we ended our last session. The directions correspond to the Medicine Wheel, which we worked with during my training:

South: May you carry the seed of love and hope in your heart.

West: May you see others as whole, healed, and perfect just as they are.

North: May you channel the consciousness of love through your intention, action, word, and vibration.

East: May you embody the Spirit of Cacao.

Just reading these words makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside (I think I will make myself a cup of cacao now).

I have used cacao with mediation and yoga and journaling and fire ceremony (beautiful photo by the talented Pablo Quiza taken two weeks ago), but what I love is combining it with Shamanic Journeying. Here is a clip of cacao ceremony participant Andrea, after her experience:

Hit me up if you would like to experience this in a private session, there is such a great need for peace and healing now and always…

Today is Saturday and I am still on a cloud from the three days of reiki and shamanic journeying we held at the center with my Reiki Level Three Master- Teacher Jamila Nedjadi. Jammi’s particular brand of Reiki involves a lot of drumming and chanting, putting the participant in a semi-conscious state where negative patterns are more easily disloged. There are many purposes to Shamanic journeys, thought the main goal always remains deep healing.

There is a lot of confusion and misinformation regarding the practice of Shamanism and the role of the Shaman. In a nutshell, the Shaman’s role is to guide the person to the spirit world where they can take an active role in their own healing. Shamanism is one of the oldest spiritual practices worldwide, predating all the major religions as we know them. What fascinates me most about this practice, is that people from remote areas of the planet who would have not had any way to share information actually performed similar rituals. The reason behind this is that they are intimately connected to the whole, call it Universal Life Force Energy, Mother Earth, God, or whatever resonates with you.

I have found Shamanic reiki very effective in my own practice. This involves sending reiki to the person while guiding them on their spiritual mission, be it cutting cords from a toxic relationship, or going back to a traumatic event in the past and reclaiming power or soul loss at that time. The groups I have guided through Shamanic Reiki Journeys so far have been on the following themes: Connecting to the Divine Feminine and Shapeshifting with the Sun. I hope to lead more in the center in the near future!

On another note, next weekend I am pleased to bring Kundalini Yoga to the Center, another misunderstood – or under-understood – practice. The combination of asana (physical form), pranayama (breathing), chanting and meditation results in explosive sessions, nothing to do with your regular yoga practice which focuses mainly on the physical with some mental quieting and of course breathing. Like Shamanic Reiki, this is not a practice for the faint at heart, though it can be deeply healing, unblocking stuck areas or flow, and allowing magical new energies into your life.

Kundalini workshops will take place on 2 to 4 March 2018 at the center, led by Manila-based teacher Rosan Cruz. For more info, check our facebook page at

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